Call For Papers

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November 11, 2019
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March 26, 2020

Call For Papers

Occupational Regulation Conference

Below is the 2020 Call-for-Papers for the CSOR Occupational Regulation Conference:

CSOR St. Francis University will be collaborating with Alicia Plemmons at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville to host our new annual conference on occupational regulation in Edwardsville, Illinois. The conference will begin in the evening on Friday, May 29th and conclude after lunch on Sunday, May 31st. We welcome all submissions, but are particularly interested in:

1) Tying occupational licensing to other relevant literature
2) The effects of medical scope of practice on health and labor market outcomes
3) The connection between licensing and entrepreneurship
4) The spillover of occupational licensing on related industries
5) The political economy of occupational licensing
6) The differential impact of occupational licensing on females, minorities, and vulnerable populations
7) Other topics exploring understudied or lightly studied topics on the effects of occupational regulation

If interested in participating, please send an abstract with all co-author details no later than February 29th to the conference co-organizers Edward Timmons and Alicia Plemmons

*Funding will be available to cover travel and participation in the conference.