Presentation in Hawaii
June 23, 2017


Class of 2017

Geoffrey Ford, a senior economics major and president of the Society of Economic Analysis (SEA), presented his paper “Quasi-Free Markets in the U.S.” at the Issues in Political Economy annual conference in New York City on Saturday February 25th. Geoff’s paper highlights potential inefficiencies created in the market by government intervention as well as provides evidence that the Federal Reserve has lost its ability to make improvements in the US economy after the onset of the 2008 Financial Crisis. The Issues in Political Economy conference features undergraduate research in economics and finance from across the US and takes place annually at the meetings of the Eastern Economic Association.

“I really enjoyed presenting at the Issues in the Political Economy Conference because it’s a chance to meet with people outside of the University and share different ideas with each other. It’s nice that you get to voice your opinion and present your ideas and the way it’s set up gives you easy access to other presentations and ideas.”

Geoff will also be presenting his research on April 9-12, at the 42nd Annual Conference held by the Association of Private Enterprise Education in Maui, Hawaii. Saint Francis University SEA students participate in presenting undergraduate research multiple times throughout the year. The organization plans to keep participating in the conference with future undergraduate research and students.

“I’d like to let my fellow students know that research is rewarding and should be actively pursued because you never know where it’s going to take you.”

Hannah Retherford, a sophomore finance and marketing major and a CSOR fellow, also participated in the conference. Gaining experience with academic conferences, Hannah aspires to present future research as she continues her academic career.